Welcome to NETs 2015

The upcoming NETs2015 conference covers, but not limited to the following areas:


Registration Deadline:
May 15, 2015

  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Application and Security
  • Software Engineering and Internet
  • Multimedia
  • Internet Technology and Applications
  • E-Commerce and M-Commerce
  • Cyber Behavior
  • Cyber Education
  • Internet Research: Past, Present, and Future

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  • Tracks for NETs2015
    Track 1: Cloud Computing
        SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
        Social Computing (Web 2.0/3.0)
        Mobile/Wireless Computing
        Mobile and Location-based Services
        Recommendation and Reputation Systems

     Track 2: Network Application and Security
        Ubiquitous Computing: E-Health and Digital Home applications
        Vehicular Networks and Telmatics Applications
        Intrusion Detection and Malware
        Botnet and Spam Detection
        Social Network Privacy

     Track 3: Software Engineering and Internet
        Software Engineering for/in Cloud
        Web Service and Application
        Software Analysis, Design and Testing
        Mobile Application Development
        Software Performance

     Track 4: Multimedia
        Multimedia Communications
        Multimedia Compression
        Multimedia Security
        Multimedia Databases
        Multimedia Applications

    Track 5: Internet Technology and Applications
        Digital Payment Systems
        Privacy-enhancing Technologies
        Databases and Data mining
        Electronic Commerce Systems and Application

    Track 6: E-Commerce and M-Commerce
        Internet Advertising and Online Retailing
        Internet Consumer Behavior
        Online Word-of-mouth
        Online Survey
        Databases and data mining

    Track 7: Cyber Behavior
        Social networking behavior on Google+, Facebook, MySpace, and others
        Addiction, Cyberbullying and Internet Abuse
        Video Games, Computer games, and Online games
        Internet Porn, Cybersex and Cybering
        Online Dating Behavior

    Track 8: Cyber Education
        E-Learning and Distance Learning
        Computers & Education
        Education in Internet age
        Organization learning
        Virtual learning environments

    Track 9: Internet Research: Past, Present, and Future
        Review and Meta-Analysis of Internet research
        Bibliometric Analysis
        Research Methods in Internet Research
        Study of Factors Influencing Internet Satisfaction, Effectiveness, and Success
        Future Directions of Internet Research

    Track 10: Others
        All other studies about Internet, include Internet Technology, Systems, Business, Management, Marketing issues.
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